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Saftey pays off for "undertakings"

Anyone who wants to "undertake" anything is erring on the safe side with the Bürgschaftsbank (BB) and Mittelständischer Beteiligungsgesellschaft (MBG) Sachsen-Anhalt. They support small and medium-sized enterprises, freelancers and those starting their own businesses from the beginning and expanding the commercial activities up to the financial arrangements for business succession.

If private capital and securities are not sufficient for the intended investments, BB and MBG can open doors: "We ensure that entrepreneurs find it easier to obtain finance. With a viable concept, good business ideas should not fail due to a lack of securities or not enough equity," stress Managing Directors Wolf-Dieter Schwab and Heiko Paelecke.

BB and MBG are non-profit self-help institutions. The associates are chambers, associations, banks and insurance companies in Saxony-Anhalt, and for MBG also the federal state. Funding instruments that are used are bank and other guarantees, as well as silent partnerships.

Indemnity bonds of the BB are full-value loan securities and limit the risk of the banks and savings banks. It secures equity capital with guarantees. The typical silent partnerships of MBG complement the financing structure and enable further credit to be taken out. Through the long-term provision of venture capital, which is valued on the balance sheet as equity capital, companies improve their credit worthiness and rating.

New: express guarantees for small business credit
Helping quickly and efficiently: since the beginning of 2015, entrepreneurs have been able to obtain an express guarantee in just three days for small financial projects by means of an application by their bank. "BB EXPRESS" guarantees 70 per cent of the required loan amount up to a maximum of 150,000 euros, which can be used for investments and working capital financing. The short processing time is made possible by an electronic application procedure.

BB and MBG are located under one roof and work hand in hand. A common point of contact means that procedures do not have to be performed twice.