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Advice from a single source thanks to a network of experts

In the renovated villa at Nordwall 11 in Stendal, the tax consulting firm of Rassmann + Partner GmbH and the accounting firm of Dr. Spils ad Wilken, Rassmann + Partner GmbH provide expert advice. The network also includes the lawyers, accountants and auditors Dr. Lange, Brodersen and Dr. Spils ad Wilken. The fields in which they work are tax, business and company law, general economic advice and auditing.

At the branch of the tax consulting firm, which has been located in Stendal since 1990, four tax consultants advise clients on issues of fiscal law, accounting, billing and business management. They are supported in this by employees who have worked for the company for many years and who (with the exception of the administrative field) have completed training as an assistant or full tax consultant while they have been working for the firm.

The firm has extensive experience in the provision of support to businesses working in the construction industry and allied trades, trade services, freelancers and associations. As two of the tax consultants have completed an agricultural college education, medium-sized and large agricultural businesses of all legal forms are supported in conjunction with an agricultural accountancy office. In the past few years the accounting firm - in cooperation with the tax consulting firm - has also developed substantial expertise in auditing and advising local authorities and local authority businesses.

In cooperation with DATEV eG, all clients are provided with software and corresponding application support, as required, for financial and payroll accounting, as well as technical support for the introduction of double-entry bookkeeping.

Fiscal and economic consulting also requires qualified legal advice in many cases, for example for company start-ups, restructuring, the acquisition and disposal of businesses, cases of reorganisation or in the structuring of other legal relationships of our clients.

Here, the firm - with its experienced and specialised lawyers - can participate in providing advice from a single source.