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Strong on taxes and prepared for the digital future

"We ensure that our clients do not have any sleepless nights because of the Inland Revenue," says Dirk Hennig. The self-employed Tax Consultant manages the firm HD Hennig GmbH in Bismark (headquarters), Stendal, Havelberg and Gardelegen. He and his 20 employees, as well as two freelancers, all well-trained assistant and full tax consultants, provide a full package of services in accounting, tax declaration and advice.

"Stark in Steuern" ("Strong on taxes") is the motto, which company boss Dirk Hennig also interprets as "Stark im Steuern" ("Strong control"). As a nautical officer he had the wind from various oceans blowing in his face for some years. After training as a tax expert, studying business administration and a responsible position at a medium-sized consulting firm - and with plenty of life experience behind him - he stood on the command bridge of his own company on 1 January 2007.

In addition to the core business of accounting and tax advice, HD Hennig GmbH specialises in various fields. One of its main focal points is supporting those starting their own businesses. Increasingly, clients are asking for support in succession planning and tax-optimised corporate restructuring, for which - in cooperation with lawyers - interesting and promising solutions are developed. The employees' enjoyment in their work can be seen in the consistently service-oriented way of thinking. This is also reflected in the extensive service section, including a profit improvement calculator, on the company's website. The site is well worth a visit. The consequence is steady growth of the client base since the company was founded. Private individuals, associations, freelancers and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) of all legal forms come for advice. HD Hennig GmbH is strongly represented in the automotive industry. Its catchment area is growing increasingly beyond the Altmark and Magdeburg region towards Hanover, Hamburg and Berlin.

This is not complicated due to the digitisation of the financial accounting, which Dirk Hennig is pushing forward ambitiously. The aim of the "Accounting with a Future" is paperless data transmission between the tax consultant and client thanks to digitised documents linked to booking programs. This allows up-to-the-minute evaluations almost at the press of a button. One of the key projects in 2014 was the quality management of the firm. The target is to achieve certification in order to be able to increase the professionalism of the service.