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A modern company with a long tradition

Thanks to continuous technical development and orientation on outstanding technologies in founding, the company even today is one of the most efficient foundries in Germany equipped with the latest machinery that ranks among the most significant employers in the region.

In compliance with customer requirements we are able to produce machine-moulded or manually moulded castings with a weight between 50 and 12000 kg.

The customer-oriented work covers almost all fields of industry. Companies for valve engineering, drive engineering, gear manufacture and general mechanical engineering are among our clientele.

We guarantee a continuous manufacturecomprehensive quality assurance system based on the latest analysis and test technologies.
  • Casting process simulation with MAGMASOFT® - Know How since 2004.
  • Emission spectrometer and carbon-sulphur analyser for monitoring the chemical composition of casting materials.
  • Metallographic laboratory and MPA approved mechanical-physical test laboratory.
Casting materials
Grey cast iron, DIN EN 1561
  • Material grades classified per tensile strength and hardness
Nodular cast iron, DIN EN 1563
  • Material grades with minimum requirements of notched impact strength, ferritic up to pearlitic grades, solid-solution strengthened grades
Ausferritic ductile iron (ADI), DIN EN 1564

Comparable cast-iron grades made according to other standards (e.g. ASTM)

Alloyed cast-iron materials made to customer's requirements

Tangerhütte GmbH
Rudi-Arndt-Straße 15
39517 Tangerhütte

Postal address: Postfach 11 25
39511 Tangerhütte · GERMANY

Delivery address:
Gewerbegebiet - Gießereistraße
39517 Tangerhütte

Phone For contacts: 03935 940-0
Phone Purchase: 03935 940-203
Phone Sales & marketing: 03935 940-212
Telefax: Purchase/Sales & marketing: 03935 940-257