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The Altmark - greenfield development with a future

A brand makes the Altmark popular

The Altmark accounts for almost a quarter of the area of Saxony-Anhalt. However, a survey in the year 2010 showed that this region was hardly known among the respondents or was thought to be part of Brandenburg. For this reason the District of Stendal and the Altmark District of Salzwedel began in the spring of 2012 to develop a regional marketing strategy and issue the contract for the creation of a brand for the Altmark region.

The aim of this unified brand was to make the Altmark popular throughout Germany - as a place for high-quality industrial settlements, as well as a region worth living in for families. This meant that the brand had to be credible while at the same time attracting attention, but also displaying courage and fitting in with the region. In particular, the target groups outside of the Altmark were to be reached, of course. Regional peculiarities that may be perceived as a deficit in the Altmark may well be considered attractive for this target group. First of all, the characteristics and features of the region were brought together which were to shape the brand. For this purpose, an online survey of 193 traders, administrative officials, tourism professionals, students and residents of the Altmark was carried out. The respondents outlined their image, according to which the commissioned agency then performed its work.

Determining criteria were the sparsely populated, rural area between the metropolises, the family-friendliness, a healthy economy, living history and the associated preservation of the Prussian virtues and extensive space for development.

With the brand: "The Altmark. A greenfield with a bright future." the Altmark now positions itself as an attractive antidote to full metropolises. The Altmark offers what the metropolitan areas are lacking. On the one hand pristine, idyllic landscapes with unique flora and fauna, and on the other hand adequate and affordable areas for industry and commerce. The region is therefore positioning itself as an attractive location for the implementation of innovative ideas and sustainable investment, particularly in the green sector. The colour green stands for nature and a healthy living environment.

The brand's core shows that for companies and families alike, there is sufficient room for development available. The economy in the Altmark is sound and stable and known for its regional products. The many small and medium-sized enterprises are characterised by a high degree of flexibility and lower vulnerability to crises and are oriented on the future. This is promoted by the cohesion of the people and their down-to-earthness. The region is at the forefront as far as family-friendliness is concerned. This is made possible by a comprehensive range of childcare facilities. A low cost of living, low land prices and plenty of freedom for a carefree, eventful childhood bring quality of life for the people who live here.

Admittedly, the brand: "The Altmark. Greenfield with a future." polarises people and has been the source not only of a great deal of discussion, but - and this is the most important aspect - also attention. It shows that it is certainly possible to turn supposed weaknesses into strengths and develop self-confidence with these strengths and generate attractiveness. The brand is authentic, courageous and surprising - the slogan is memorable specifically because it provokes. One thing is certain: with the introduction of the brand, a foundation stone was laid for further marketing the Altmark region.