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Welcome to the rural administrative district of Stendal

Dear Readers,

There is scarcely any other region of Germany which is more suitable than the Altmark, and therefore also the administrative district of Stendal, as a destination for people seeking peace and quiet and relaxation. With fewer than 50 inhabitants per square kilometre, the population density of our district is extremely low. This opens up spaces for unique experiences of nature. In the biosphere reserve of Middle Elbe or next to the rivers Havel, Uchte, Tanger, Biese and Aland, nature lovers will find almost untouched biotopes, while those who prefer to walk along the water can enjoy interesting scenic routes. Cyclists love the well-developed paths without gradients and hikers the well thought-out infrastructure around the "Altmärkische Wandernester". On horseback it is possible to explore one of the largest continuous riding trail networks in Germany. And if your heart beats more for history and architecture, you will find any amount of historical buildings in the centres of the Hanseatic towns and a unique network of Romanesque stone churches in the villages of the Altmark. However, this wonderful peculiarity of our homeland should not obscure the fact that this is nevertheless a vibrant economic region. The down-to-earth basis of the Altmark enterprise landscape is skilled crafts and trades and a well-developed service sector. Strong agricultural businesses produce the starting materials for nationally successful processing companies in the food industry. In addition, metal processing and the construction industry are represented by a large number of companies. A broad range of small and medium-sized enterprises from a wide variety of industries completes the picture and makes the region resistant to structural economic crises. In this Internet presentation you will find a selection of especially highlighted companies in the administrative district of Stendal. This publication cannot of course provide a complete picture, but can only show an excerpt of the economic performance of our economy. The Council for Economic Development, the website of the administrative district and the unified communities and association of municipalities of the territory will provide you with further information on companies in the Altmark.

I cordially invite you to acquaint yourselves with the nature and people in our district, to sample the products of our businesses or select this region as a location for the establishment or expansion of your company.

Carsten Wulfänger
Administrator of the District of Stendal